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We can help you develop no-code apps, analytics, business intelligence, database, smart spreadsheet, Microsoft Excel, dashboard, form, real-time collaboration, cloud & peer-to-peer distributed database and other solutions built with the Power Sheet platform.

One of the unique benefits of Power Sheet based solutions is that any business user on your team can easily modify and extend your apps, databases, dashboards, forms, and reports without needing to know how to code, let alone having to hire consultants or involve developers and IT every time you need to add or modify a field or report.

We can also refer you to our network of consulting and solution development partners.

We can help you with design, migration, optimization, training, automating your business, financial and collaboration processes and simplify your team collaboration.

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Services and Specialties

A few examples of the kind of solutions that can be created with Power Sheet, entirely yourself, or with support of our developers, consultants and network of solution development & consulting service providers, include:

  • Power Sheet App design, development and integration

  • Custom Connectors – Connect to any data source or your own products, apps and websites

  • Power Sheet Embedded - or even its entire suit of no-code and collaboration tools - into your own existing products, websites and mobile apps to empower your end-users

  • Excel to No-Code App, Cloud & Database Migration – including conversion from Excel formulas to centralized, faster, simplified XPrevRow()-based Excel-like Formulas editable in Query Designer

  • Management, Reporting, Calculation & Analysis tools

  • Project Planning, Tracking & Estimate Building

  • Sales, CRM, Invoicing, Vendor Management & Compensation Calculation

  • Budgeting, FP&A, Finance, Forecasting, Tax & Accounting

  • Business Intelligence (BI) & Analytics Dashboards with Interactive Filtering, Charts & Drill-down)

  • Database Enhancement, Integration & Migration – Upscaling, Optimizing & Syncing with other Databases/Systems/Webpages

  • Digital Transformation & Business Process Automation Replacing time-consuming, error-prone manual data entry, import/sync/convert & copy-paste-edit workflows

  • PDF/Image Auto-Convert, Import, Export & Printing For Invoices, POs & more

  • Access Front-end for Cloud Data-Entry Forms, Reports, Analysis, Automation with Azure SQL, SQL Server, Hyperion and other databases

  • Access & Excel Automation with VBA Macro & MS Office Add-in Development

  • Multi-User Optimization, Password Login, User Roles/Groups & Restrictions
  • Edit/Change Tracking, Edit Log/Comments & Undo/Rollback

  • Access Web App to Access Desktop Database automated conversion

  • Microsoft Access, Excel, C#, VB.NET, VBA, Power Query, Power BI, PowerApps, Microsoft Flow, Power Pivot, Tableau, .NET Framework, Access Web Apps (AWA), GIS, CAD, SQL Server, Azure, Cloud, RDP, Oracle (Essbase, Hyperion Planning & SmartView)

  • PowerAccess Customization, Support & Training

  • iPad, Mobile, Mac, Web & PC deployment of Microsoft Access databases

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Solutions & Uses is the free first all-in-one no-code/low-code remote collaboration, analytics, planning, automation, and mobile 2.0 apps platform.

It empowers anyone to auto-create, collaborate, sync, and share smart apps, dashboards, budgets, CRMs, assignments, connectors, KPIs, PowerChainDB realtime blockchain DBs, marketing bots, forms, and template libraries anywhere  —  in Excel, Microsoft Teams, PowerPoint, SharePoint, Power BI, Salesforce, online, offline, mobile, websites, and PWAs.

Power Sheet is free for unlimited users, decentralized, and embeddable anywhere with offline edit, auto data prep AI, child rows, hierarchies, enhanced Excel formulas, Python, JavaScript and SQL for GBs of data.

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