Power Query & Pivot Table Generation, Data Prep, Power Reports, Auto Merge/Split/Compare & Power Tools for Excel in an Install-free Embedded Office 365 JavaScript Add-in

  • Auto generate Power Query for common data prep needs, like Merge, Split, Pivot, Unpivot & more for Tables, Excel Sheets, Workbooks, Folders, CSV and Databases

  • Many more AI powered, Machine Learning guided Power Tools to simplify and accelerate working with Excel

  • Simplify and automate common and tedious Excel tasks

  • Auto-generate Pivot Tables with automatic Slicers,

  • Auto fix Pivot Tables, Charts, Power Query, connections, formulas, slicers, maros & more when renaming Columns, Sheets, Workbooks, Named Ranges, Tables or changing values, powered by Artificial Inteligence and Machine Learning

  • Dozens of new Dynamic Array functions and other functions for Excel Formulas

  • All tools and functions are completely install-free, able to be embedded into Excel workbooks so no add-in install (let alone admin rights) is VBA macro copy-pasting is required.

  • Dynamic templates shared across workbooks or organizations, including Micro Templates for Pivot Table design, charts, sheets & more with Excel, with Templates auto-defined, suggested, updated or applied by Machine Learning AI

  • Fuzzy matching AI for Table merging, Power Query, formulas, Table merging/joining, folders of Workbooks appending and more.

The free all-in-one remote collaboration, analytics & no-code app creation platform

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