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JavaScript Macros & Pivot Tables for Microsoft Access

  • JavaScript Macros & TypeScript for Microsoft Access

    • Write Access macros and even functions for use in Access queries with modern languages like JavaScript & TypeScript

    • Support for TypeScript - the higher-level JavaScript language from Microsoft with C#-like enhancements, which is far more powerful and concise and compiles down to JavaScript that runs the same anywhere with the latest ES6 / ECMAScript 2015 / 2018 and HTML5 features

  • Visual Studio Code / Visual Studio / Embedded JavaScript Editor for Access Macros & Query Functions

    • Write & debug macros easily with Visual Studio Code or PowerAccess.js embedded JavaScript / TypeScript IDE instead of old Visual Basic Editor (VBE)

    • Easy out-of-box project templates for Visual Studio Code (free, open-source lightweight Visual Studio for JavaScript) or Visual Studio macro coding and debugging, made accessible to those who've never used before


  • Embed JavaScript & Web Apps/Form/Reports into Access

    • Automatically compile and package JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Images & Resources and embed into Access databases

    • HTML5 UI Data Entry Forms and Reports which run offline and anywhere

  • Pivot Tables, Pivot Charts, Pivot Reports for Access

  • HTML Forms / Reports, Interactive Charts & BI Dashboards for Access

  • Web Services, Node.js & Office.js for Access

  • JavaScript Office 365 Add-ins for Microsoft Access Databases

    • Install-free embedded into MS Access databases

    • Support for some Excel JavaScript Office 365 Add-ins like:

  • Office.js JavaScript API for Microsoft Access

  • Node.js & Open-source Libraries

    • Open-source Packages / Libraries for MS Access with easy auto-updated shared code libraries, packages & web services with simplified Node.js NPM package management

  • Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning AI for Access

    • AI powered, guided and accelerated development, data prep, reporting and more for Micfrosoft Access & Excel

    • Machine Learning AUI powered Finance, Accounting, Reports, BI Dashboards, Charts, Pivot Tables, Data Prep, & Access Database Creation