PowerAccess JavaScript & VBA Framework for Microsoft Access Database Creation

Database Creation
Easy. Excel-like,Previous Row-based Queries using XPrevRow(), Excel & PowerQuery-like functions XLookup(), XNearest() and 800+ other functions

Full Source Code

No add-ins or install.
Embeds VBA via Template or Auto-Generation into your PowerAccess-enhanced Database or referenced DB file in same folder

Calculated Tables
Excel / BI Refresh

Auto-Cache Query Results to Tables whenever data changes, on-demand or periodically.
Excel Link & Refresh for VBA Function-using Queries
Edit Tracking
& Undo
Advanced Edit/Change Tracking.
Undo Edit or Delete. Detailed User Edit History with optional or required Comments

Estimates, CRM
Invoice & Project

Templates & Services for Quote / Estimate Building, Invoicing, POs, Sales, Analytics, CRM, Project Planning/Management & Vendor Management

Acceleration with
Memory Caching

Up to 1000x Faster Subqueries and Lookups, On-the-fly Caching Calculated Tables
SQL Queries & VBA
Auto-generate & Use Template, Framework & New Macro Events to avoid Boilerplate VBA Code

800+ New Query & Macro Functions

800+ PowerSQL™ Functions for Query/Macro Designers, VBA & SQL. Excel, Finance & Power Query-like functions like XNPV(), XTreasuryRate() & XNearestMinOrDefault()

Automate Import,
Export & Reports

Automated Report Generation, Import/Export &  Syncing with Files & DBs.
PDF/Image & Website Data Extraction Automation Setup Services.

Finance, Accounting
& Compensation

Templates & Services for
Financial PlanningAnalysis, Accounting, Forecasts, Payroll, Auto Commission Calculation, Budgeting, Ad-Hoc Reporting & BI Dashboards

iPad, Mac, Web,
Cloud & Mobile

Cloud-host on own PC/Server for Azure to enable simultaneous use of full Desktop features on iPad, Mac, Browser, PC Phones & Tablets

New Modernized
Tools &

Global Find & Replace across all Queries/Fields/Records & Code
Smart Rename/Delete
Auto-generate Data Macros
& many other New Tools
Easy for End-Users to Edit & Maintain
No need to involve IT or Developer for Every Change (or at All) with Intuitive Excel-like Query Design & Excel User Database Building Tools
Easy to Maintain/Edit Yourself

User View & Edit

Limit what Forms, Reports, Records, Projects & Fields users can view, create & edit
User accounts, password login, and Device or Active Directory authentication

User & Row-Level Security

User-Level and Row-Level Security, User Accounts, Login & Remember Password or Active Directory authentication

SQL Conversion

Convert Excel Relative-Row Formulas to SQL Queries
Replace complex functions across many sheets & workbooks with a centralized database & iterative queries

500+ XLookup & QCriteria Functions

Dynamic lookups as first-class citizens with XLookup value escaping, null handling, & any number of {field, value} QParam(), QIsBetween() QIsAny(),  criteria params

SQL Server & Azure Cloud Sync

Change-triggered Auto Syn to Azure, SQL Server or Excel or other DB
Refreshable Link from Excel & more even to Queries using VBA Functions
Logging, Telemetry & Diagnostics
Logging of errors, warnings, debug info, performance & with In-Access Viewing & to Files or Tables

World-class Expert Consulting & Support

Backed by top Access experts worldwide – the developers of PowerAccess, able to customize as needed

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PowerSheet.ai is the free first all-in-one no-code/low-code remote collaboration, analytics, planning, automation, and mobile 2.0 apps platform.

It empowers anyone to auto-create, collaborate, sync, and share smart apps, dashboards, budgets, CRMs, assignments, connectors, KPIs, PowerChainDB realtime blockchain DBs, marketing bots, forms, and template libraries anywhere  —  in Excel, Microsoft Teams, PowerPoint, SharePoint, Power BI, Salesforce, online, offline, mobile, websites, and PWAs.

Power Sheet is free for unlimited users, decentralized, and embeddable anywhere with offline edit, auto data prep AI, child rows, hierarchies, enhanced Excel formulas, Python, JavaScript and SQL for GBs of data.

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