Power Access Platform for Microsoft Access

Install-free Framework
for Microsoft Access

800+ new VBA and .NET functions for Queries, Macros, SQL, VBA in Access and .NET (C#, VB.NET, Visual Studio). New Events for VBA & Macro Designer like OnAppExit, OnStartup, OnConfigure, OnRefreshDB.
All install-free without COM reg via relative referenced auto-relink shared framework database or code embed

Low Code with
VBA Code Generation

Simplified, Automated Versioning and Auto Merge for Collaborative Editing of VBA, Form, Report, Query, Table & Data Macros with PowerGit Add-in for Access, Excel & Office
| Auto Run, Calculate, Cache, Sync, Import (PDF, Excel, CSV) | Export


Dozens of powerful new tools like Global Find & Replace, SQL Editor, Code Generation, Table / Macro / Data Macro Auto Gen, Template injection,and more.

All-in-One Toolset
for MS Access

Dozens of powerful new tools like Global Find & Replace, SQL Editor, Code Generation, Table / Macro / Data Macro Auto Gen, Template injection, PowerGit (simplified, integrated Git versioning & collaborative editing / auto edit merging for VBA, Macros, SQL Queries & design) and more.

Power SQL Editor
for Access

New modern SQL Editor Add-in integrated into Microsoft Access with Code completion, Syntax Highlighting & Find & Replace across all Queries

Excel Formulas for Access

Out-of-box Common Database Features (Users, Permissions, Outlook Automation, Edit Tracking, Undo+)
Power Templates (Flexible, Modular, Injectable Database Parts)

Excel Formulas for Access

XPrevRow()-based Excel Formulas for Access Queries with powerful, intuitive, fast Previous Row-based Excel Formulas and Functions support (like XNPV). Also enables fast recursive iterative calculation in Access for finance, projections, forecasting & more.

PowerSQL Functions

500+ New Functions for Power Query like Powerful, Simplified, Concise Query Design, SQL and VBA Automation: Dynamic Lookups, Aggregate, DSum/DLookup alternatives, XPrevRow(), XQTD(), XNPV(), XSumtoDate(), QIsBetween, Criteria with design-time validation. No more string/date quote or null checks.

Calculated Tables

Auto Query Caching, Recursive Queries, intuitive Excel-like XPrevRow()-based Iterative Calculation, Forecasting, enabling of VBA & JavaScript function using Queries from Excel, Power BI & more.

PowerAccess Toolset for Microsoft Access

PowerAccess includes Tools Add-in, Templates and VBA Framework (with full VBA source code available). PowerAccess Tools Add-in does not have to be installed for end-users to use and PowerAccess empowered Microsoft Access databases.

PowerAccess Tools Add-in


  • Power Access Tools for Excel-easy Database Building

  • New Tools like Global Find & Replace, Smart Rename, Smart Delete

  • VBA and JavaScript Macro (PowerAccess.js) Code Generation (CodeGen)

  • Table/Query/SQL/Data Macro Auto Generation

  • Empower your database with PowerAccess Runtime Features via CodeGen

PowerAccess Database Templates

  • Templates to accelerate and simplify development and modernize your database

  • Integrates PowerAccess features out-of-box

  • Access Database Templates to help jump-start development and save time & money, including:

  • Invoicing, Quotes, Estimate Building, CRM (Customer Relationship Management), Sales Analytics, Finance, Accounting, Forecasting, PowerEstimates™, Payment Tracking, Construction & Renovation, and more Microsoft Access Databases Templates for Access 2016 / 2019 / 365

  • Use PowerAccess Settings and Tables to Control App Behavior without VBA coding

  • Use new scriptable events like OnAppExit, OnStartup, OnConfigure

Power Access Platform


  • Modernize Microsoft Access by extending it with support for

  • JavaScript, C#-like TypeScript, Python and modern tools and web APIs for VBA, Power Functions to modernize Microsoft Access

  • Seamlessly blend VBA with JavaScript and other languages, with the ability to call functions, handle events, and use Access APIs across languages 

  • Use for including for macros, forms, automation, queries, and user-defined functions in MS Access  

  • Modern development tools like Visual Studio Code, Git version control

  • Embedded Power Sheet code editor

  • Enhanced SQL editor

  • Cross-platform rich HTML-based Forms

  • Web APIs and over 1 million auto-updated NPM libraries

Power Access includes:

PowerAccess.js Framework

  • JavaScript-based Framework 
  • Web APIs and over 1 million auto-updated NPM libraries

Power Access Tools Add-in


  • Power Access Tools for Excel-easy Database Building

Power Access VBA Framework


  • Modernize Access Databases with new runtime features, macros, new functions for VBA, SQL, Query Designer, Macro Designer


Power Access Database Templates for Microsoft Access


  • CRM, Estimates, Invoicing & more database templates for Access 2019, Microsoft Access 2016, Microsoft Access 2013, Microsoft Access 2010, MS Access 365 & Microsoft Office 365

Power SQL Functions

  • Hundreds of new functions you can use in Query Designer, SQL, VBA and Macro Designer for powerful, Power Query like queries, KPIs, Finance, Lookups and more

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  • C# / VB .NET Automation & Add-in Development API (VSTO for Access)

​Power Git Add-in


  • Automated Git Versioning & Collaborative Editing for MS Access, Excel & VBA

Excel to Access to SQL Server/Azure


  • Automated, Accelerated Conversion Tools & Services

PowerSQL Functions
for Microsoft Access Queries & Excel Formulas


Example of Intuitive, Concise, Excel Row Formula-like Queries

Editable in Query Designer, made possible with PowerAccess & PowerSQL

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