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  • After rapid growth (+84%/yr) to a community of 90,000 teams • individuals • Fortune 500s

  • Featured in 5 awards/cover stories as #1 in our niche

  • Disrupting a $37B industry with our previous no/low-code app real-time co-creation platform in Excel for Web, Offline, Mac, PC. AI generated dashboards, collaboration, app creation, collaborative smart spreadsheets
Smart universal apps auto-created with for PWA, mobile 2.0, web 4.0, offline, everywhere in PowerPoint in Microsoft Teams for iPhone, Android, iPad, Mobile Devices

Co-create the future in real-time. Web 4.0

All-in-one collaboration, analytics & no-code app creation

AI powered real-time collaborative — no-code • low-code • plain English formulas

  • Modeling & planning

  • Data science & hyper-automation was featured the #1 No-Code/Low-Code Platform for 2020 in CIOReview magazine. Read the article here.

1st embeddable co-creation platform & marketplace for Web 4.0 Intelligent Content — auto apps, sheets, smart templates.


AI generated & embedded in/from existing docs & tools.  Only possible powered by our PowerChainDB. workflow for auto creating no-code apps, smart spreadsheets, dashboards

The problem

For 94% of users, no/low-code app & planning platforms fail their key objective — empowering any team or individual to co-create • model & plan • share & sell themselves (without consultants & IT • per-viewer licensing • 1MB data/2K row limit) as an attractive alternative to spreadsheets for anything beyond simple task lists (like modeling • forecasting • data science • standalone consumer apps/content).


This leaves 80% of models & plans still in spreadsheets — with no real-time collaboration or else 20+ blocking conflicts/day — now a critical problem for hybrid work post-COVID-19. They try to compete (requiring all-or-nothing IT migration of all connected sheets • tools • workflows just to start using) vs embed & sync in — or instantly AI generate from — sheets & formulas.

The opportunity

80% of apps/plans will be created with no/low-code platforms by 2024 ($596 billion, +24% by 2022) and 50% of apps will be replaced with offline-capable Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) ($10 billion, +32%/yr by 2027) — the “future of web & mobile and key to next billion users, 5G & fast scalable remote work” (per Microsoft • Google • Gartner). But no platform (or even DB) exists to meet both these trends with auto-creation of offline-capable PWAs — let alone Web 4.0 apps & intelligent content.


All fail to target the gig/creator economy — transforming any worker into an Intelligent Content Creator able to monetize their work as Intelligent-Content-as-a-Service (ICaaS). And none target the 250 million (+785%/yr) active users trying (and failing) to effectively collaborate across Excel + Microsoft Teams or Slack — via embedded into, connecting & enhancing with seamlessly integrated modeling & planning • data science & hyper-automation • AI sync & merge • smart templates & conflict-free collaboration tools.

Why us?

After we disrupted the $37B games industry together (leading to tech used in 50%+ of gamescover of Software 2.0 in high school) with our 1st of-its-kind AI + no/low-code real-time collaborative app creation platform — we are now bringing similarly disruptive innovations (plus game engine technology • unique perspective • our Fortune 500 customers) to disrupt new larger markets with LA/Seattle-based & PowerChainDB.


At Microsoft & Fortune 5000s, we led successful company-wide transformation — from Excel to no/low-code apps & automation for financial modeling • planning • data science • forecasting • workflows — while managing $1.5B & teams of analysts. We are female & minority co-founded and were invited (as top 10 data analytics influencer • offered Microsoft MVP nomination) to author the book on Advanced Excel 365.

The solution

AI generate • embed & sync • share & sell — in/from existing docs & tools (or standalone)

  • Intelligent sheets • lists • boards • power tables

  • Automatic apps • forms • dashboards • forecasts

  • Smart templates • building blocks • libraries (functions, formulas & more) • connectors

Instantly everywhere — with the 1st embeddable decentralized smart content marketplace

  • Excel • Google Sheets • PowerPoint • SharePoint • Office 365

  • Microsoft Teams • Slack • Zoom • Salesforce • Power Platform

  • Standalone — web • mobile • offline • decentralized • auto-published (to app/extension stores)

  • On-the-fly AI generated — apps • forms • tables • dashboards — from any source/API • even Excel formulas (vs just data) • Python / SQL / formulas (auto-converted to JavaScript/PWAs)

Our disruptive advantages

Easily sharablefree for unlimited users (vs restrictive per-viewer licensing in most no/low-code platforms) • embeddable (to instantly enhance/convert existing workflows with no IT migration needed) • built for the “future of web & mobile” (Web 4.0 PWAs) • always conflict-free sync & collaboration — all only possible powered by our PowerChainDB.

  • Uniquely scalable (99.7% less bandwidth & cloud costs) • fast (615x MongoDB • in-memory client-side queries) • available (even offline) • sustainable (75% less energy use) • optimized (for 5G • VPN hybrid workIoT • the next billion internet users)

  • 1st Progressive Web App (PWA) DB — offline-capable • web embeddable

  • 1st Web 4.0real-time blockchain DB (web 3.0) + offline-capable PWA + fast scalable IoT edge computing + always conflict-free P2P sync & collaboration — embeddable decentralized data warehouse & computing platform