Business Solution Development Specialties & Templates


Estimate / Invoice Building, CRM, Finance, BI, Sales, Analytics, HR, Construction, Project Management, Billing & Automated Reporting


In addition to the full range of solutions detailed here for our Consulting & Development Services, our consultants, Microsoft Excel & Access experts, database designers, solution developers and architects have specialized experience, templates or expertise in design, development and consulting for the following specific types of business, management, sales, billing, finance and support activities and industries.


That, together with the unique functions and features provided by the PowerAccess Framework and our flexible, empowering PowerAccess Templates, make it possible for us to develop the following kinds of solutions for more rapidly and cost-effectively than anyone else, while delivering solutions that are more flexible, automated, and easy (and cost-effective) to use, customize, extend and maintain than otherwise would be possible without PowerAccess.

Business Solution Development Specialties & Templates


  • Estimate and Quote Building

  • Invoicing and Billing

  • Construction and Renovation

  • Accounting and Payment Activity Tracking

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Contact Databases
  • Sales Management, Analytics, Performance Metrics and Reporting

  • Compensation, Bonus, Payroll, and Sales Commission Automatic Calculation

  • Outlook Integration and Automation
  • Salesforce & Microsoft Dynamics 365 Integration and Automation
  • Mobile & Web Deployed Multi-User Access Databases (Access for Mac, PC, Web, Cloud, iPads, Android and iPhones)
  • Compensation, Bonus, and Sales Commission Automatic Calculation
  • Business Intelligence, Dashboards and Analytics
  • Project Planning, Estimates and Tracking
  • Investment Portfolio Management and Projections
  • Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A)
  • Financial Modeling
  • Quarterly / Annual / Rolling Forecasting and Projections
  • Budgeting, Annual and Long-term Strategic Planning
  • Expense Variance Analysis and Commentary
  • Human Resources (HR), Payroll and Headcounts
  • Tax Calculation, Tax Credit Programs, Amortization and Accounting
  • Vendor Management

  • Inventory Management

  • User-Customizable Reports Centers and Dashboards

  • Dashboards with Assigned Tasks, Programs, Project and Activity

  • Centralized Databases with Office / Team / Department / Region Customization & Partition

  • Datawarehousing and Big Data

  • Power BI, Power Query, Excel, SharePoint & Access Integration and Automation

  • Microsoft Flow Workflow Automation

  • User/View Edit Restrictions, Permission Management

  • User Edit Tracking, Rollback, Changes Audit Logs and Edit Comments

  • Document Management and

  • Automated Quote / Invoice / Estimate / Change Order Generation from Assigned Resource Changes

  • Automated Vendor Selection / Recommendation / Cost Reduction Tools

  • Services & Consulting Business Management

PowerEstimates™ Templates & Features for PowerAccess


We also have been developing a powerful, flexible PowerEstimates Template and designing database builder tools to enhance existing databases with functionality from it. These templates, tools and features we are developing enable support for Edit Tracking/Undo features are being developed for the PowerEstimates™ templates for PowerAccess. The ability to build on and integrate our powerful, flexible PowerEstimates templates is one of the many unique advantages provided to our consulting and development services projects. We may also release those templates separately or include in all or higher-end PowerAccess editions, and are likely to provide much of that functionality into PowerAccess code & table generation tools to enhance your databases or build new databases with that kind of advanced or often critical (yet often too costly or complex to implement) functionality automatically or out-of-box.

User View & Edit Restrictions, Change Tracking & Rollback, Audit Logs, User Permissions, Dynamic Record Versioning and User-level / Row-level Security


Functions and features as those described above would modernize your Microsoft Access databases with User-level Security, Row-level Security, User View/Edit Permissions, Record Timestamps, Record Version Tracking, Data Snapshots and/or Dataset partitions. User Edit Tracking/Comments/Undo would  allow you to dynamically view past versions of data records, so that you can, for example, allow users to dynamically switch between viewing different versions / revisions / drafts (or quotes vs. final vs. revised/resubmitted versions) of the same Invoice.


This would also allow you to have Payment/Billing Activity refer to a specific Invoice/Quote version and have Invoices refer to specific dated or named revisions of products or use different Price Lists for them, or view/compare/rollback to different edited versions of Contacts in a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) database solution, as well as rollback edits or undelete a Contact, Product, Inventory Item, Line Item, Invoice, Project/Task Assignment, Vendor or any other kind of entity or item you may have in your database solution.

User View / Edit Permissions and User-level / Row-level Security


These are also features being designed and developed for provide for your own databases through additions to the PowerAccess Code Generation and Automated Database Builder tools which are part of PowerAccess, along with the included PowerAccess VBA Framework which provides support for such features at runtime, along with the functions (such as XCanEdit() or XCanView() or XSetUserPermission()) to use them at runtime – whether through our CodeGen tools or your own use from VBA, Macro Designer or in events in Form/Report designer. These functions – together with auto-generated supporting tables and Framework runtime features – can be used to provide User-level Security and Row-level Security (which are sorely missing from Microsoft Access, ever since removed when switched from MDB to ACCDB format in Access 2007).


Beyond that, these PowerAccess functions and features can also be used to provide Row-level Security and Separate Dataset Partitions (such as for different offices, departments, groups, clients, regions, or individuals) even within the same shared database, where admins and managers can control and limit what records, rows or record groupings (representing invoices, projects, programs, tasks, contacts, or any other kind of item, entity or table you which to use them for) as well as which objects (reports, macros, fields/columns, queries, forms, subforms, tabs, windows, etc.) different users (such as employees, vendors or customers) or groups of users can view, edit, run or use.

Delivering Unparalleled User Experiences with Unique Advantages with Earliest Access to New PowerAccess Tools & Framework


You can contact us at for a free consultation regarding our Consulting & Solution Development Services, from the leading Access experts worldwide, the developers of PowerAccess. Our solution development clients not only benefit from our use of PowerAccess tools and framework for the most rapid, cost-effective development, but also from the dozens of unique runtime features our tools, templates and framework provide. Our consulting clients get earliest access to PowerAccess and benefit from our competitive advantage in rapid development tools, templates (like PowerEstimates) and many runtime features only available now to our consulting clients. 


Our development services customers also benefit from our ability to customize PowerAccess to your needs. You also benefit from the unparalleled degree of flexibility, automation, support for customization and simplified maintenance as is enabled by our use of PowerAccess framework in your database and the dozens of new runtime features only possible in Microsoft Access through use of PowerAccess-enhanced Access databases or "PowerAccess databases."


Development, Consulting & PowerAccess Customization Services by the World-leading Access Experts Who Built PowerAccess

These unique PowerAccess tool and framework advantages, coupled with our unparalleled expertise in not only Microsoft Access but in flexible, user-friendly, user experience (UX)-focused design (as seen in our uniquely simplified and flexible design of our PowerAccess tools and framework) allows us to deliver the most flexible, automated, cloud/service/system-integrated, and easy-to-use and easy-to-maintain and easy-to-customize (even for those without Access experience) multi-user Microsoft Access database solutions.

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