Auto-create and share anything

The free all-in-one no-code remote collaboration platform

Collaborate, connect, automate and embed anywhere

Automatic mobile 2.0 apps, dashboards, analytics, planning, blockchain databases, connectors, template libraries, RPA, PWA 2.0, spreadsheets.

in Excel, Microsoft Teams, PowerPoint, SharePoint, Power BI, Tableau, online, offline, Mobile 2.0, decentralized PWA, embedded anywhere.

Free and easier than spreadsheets

Free for unlimited users.

Embed install-free in Excel spreadsheets, auto apps, or anywhere.
Fast for GBs of any kind of data, with instant queries and offline edits.

​ is always free for unlimited users.

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All-in-one no-code collaboration, apps, automation and analytics platform

Dashboards & BI
Projects & tasks
Mobile & web apps
CRM & Timesheets
Budgets, forecasts & financial reports
Estimates & invoices
Compensation & calculation
Bots & RPA
Excel apps & connectors
Smart blocks & templates
Smart spreadsheets & lists
Blockchain DB & DApp
Marketing, LinkedIn & sales automation
The free no-code smart spreadsheet apps, analytics and realtime web 3.0 collaboration platform

​Auto-create, embed, connect, collaborate, automate apps, dashboards, lists, spreadsheets

First all-in-one no-code apps, collaboration & analytics platform


Realtime simultaneous editing, intelligent versioning, threaded comments and user access control.​


Online and across-organizations.

In the first-ever marketplace for easy, cross-platform, install-free Smart Content in Excel (from Smart Templates to JavaScript and Python Function Libraries and Web, Cloud, App & Database Connectors).


In your Excel spreadsheets.

In PowerPoint, SharePoint, Microsoft Teams, OneNote, Power BI, mobile apps, websites and anywhere.

Cross-platform, install-free, interactive, end-user editable and always up-to-date.

No user licenses, IT setup, coding or login required.

Create, embed & publish everywhere

iOS, Android, web, offline, Mac, Windows, Microsoft Store.
In Excel, Microsoft Teams, PowerPoint, Power BI, SharePoint.
Online, offline, serverless, decentralized, on-premises.

First all-in-one no-code apps, collaboration & analytics platform

Automatically Create

Smart No-Code Apps

Cloud-synced Databases

Power Sheet Views

Automatic Forms, Interactive Reports, Smart Tables and BI & Analytics Dashboards

Smart Template Libraries

for Sheets, DB Connectors, Data Preparation, Queries and JavaScript & Python Functions & Formulas architecture & features diagram – the free all-in-one no-code remote collaboration, analytics & apps embeddable decentralized platform for Excel, Mobile 2.0 & Web 4.0

Building blocks and AI
for apps and collaboration

Use, create and share smart blocks, templates, fields, views and connectors to easily create dynamic, tailored, interactive, tailored dashboards, interactive spreadsheets, dynamic reports, smart universal apps, shared template libraries and collaborative workspaces to empower teams & end-users.

No-Code apps, dashboards & smart spreadsheets​

Embed and web publish always up-to-date and install-free in Excel, PowerPoint, Power BI, Microsoft Access, SharePoint, OneNote, Microsoft Teams, mobile apps and websites

No-Code Apps, Power Sheet Views, Dynamic Drill-down Reports, Interactive Visualizations and BI Dashboards.

All Embedded in Excel, PowerPoint, Online or Anywhere

Embedded Power Sheet Apps, Platform and Dynamic Interactive Views

Empower teams.  Simplify Excel.  Auto dashboards, forms & reports everywhere

No setup, coding or install  —  No add-in install, coding, IT, accounts or server required.

Share online & auto-publish  —  as mobile, Web 3.0, offline, PWA apps

Top No-Code Platform  — Featured in CIO Magazine's Top 20 No-Code Platforms for 2020. #1 for app creation, remote collaboration & analytics. Developer featured on cover of Software 2.0 magazine.

Share in universal marketplace — for smart blocks, apps, templates, connectors, bots, functions, macros, data, content.

Create, embed & sync  —  in Excel, Microsoft Teams, PowerPoint, SharePoint, Power BI, apps, blocks, websites, everywhere.

Power Reconciliation - AI Powered Data P

As blocks into Excel, web, mobile apps and dashboards.

Marketplace for embeddable universal apps and connectors like Power Reconcile for AI automated accounting and data prep.

Connect to any Data Source

AI Automated Data Preparation and Consolidation

  • Databases (SQL Server, Microsoft Access, Analysis Services, SQL Server Analysis Services, Oracle, IBM DB2, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Sybase IQ, Teradata, SAP HANA)

  • CRM (Salesforce Objects & Reports, HubSpot, and many more)

  • Social Media (Facebook)

  • Microsoft (Dynamics 365, Exchange Server, Exchange Online, SharePoint (Online List, Folders), Active Directory, Microsoft Query)

  • Files (Folders, Text, CSV, JSON, Web Page, Excel)

  • Azure (SQL database, SQL Data Warehouse, HDInsight (HDFS), Blog & Table Storage, Data Lake Store)

  • Big Data (Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS))

  • ODBC, OLEDB, OData

  • Power Query

  • 3rd party Excel Add-ins (from CData, DevArt, Hyperion Smart View, QuickBooks and hundreds of others)

  • Power BI Connectors

  • Your own custom Web APIs, platforms, systems and data sources via embedded JavaScript

Power Report, Dashboads, Pivot Tables and Power Sheet Views

Why Power Sheet?

Embed Anywhere.  Insert Power Sheet apps, tools, functions, marketplace and platform anywhere, into Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, OneNote, Power BI, Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, websites and mobile apps or share online or via email. All cross-platform, install-free and always up-to-date. With single sign-on (SSO) or no login required.

Empower your viewers, end-users and collaborators with real-time collaborative editing, and easy data preparation, interactive reporting and auto-publishing, and inline annotations and conversations, attachments and notifications.

All-in-One. End-to-end platform and toolset for BI, reporting, analytics, data warehousing, collaboration, database building, web publishing, data entry forms, no-code apps, presentations, reporting platform and toolset all integrated into Excel

All in Excel. No need to learn or migrate to anything new. All the power and flexibility of Excel. Familiar Excel formulas and functions. No new coding language to learn.

Connected. Use hundreds of data connectors, functions, and add-ins already available. No need to recreate your Excel workbooks and formulas in other platforms.

No Install. Insert Power Sheet web content add-in as easily as a chart into any Excel spreadsheet for install-free as a web content add-in. Auto setup in 1-click.

Cross-platform. Install-free use by anyone who opens your Power Sheet-enhanced spreadsheet with Excel 2013+ for Windows, Mac, iPad and Web or Power Sheet Online or embedded in your iOS/Android mobile apps and websites

Power Sheet  —  FREE AI-Powered  (Excel|

Secure. Encryption, user access controls and Microsoft Azure-backed security with Microsoft reviewed & approved releases.

Free Platform and toolset empowers end-users with no-code tools to save time and money with cost-effective cloud storage add-ons/subscriptions.

Cost-effective. No per-viewer licensing. No cloud storage & usage fees. No Code. No expensive developers and consultants required to set up, create, edit or maintain. No Code viewer licenses or cloud storage/usage fees, No developers. No Code. Easy to maintain.

Up-to-date. Always get the latest data in your emailed or exported Excel files, SharePoint pages, and PowerPoint presentations.

Easy to Use. No coding required. Truly Self-service. Uniquely designed and integrated into Excel to empower even non-technical business users to create and share, clean, merge, compare, report and visualize their data.

Empower your business intelligence, reporting, analytics, presentations and collaboration in Excel, PowerPoint, online and anywhere with automatic rich interactive no-code smart apps, databases, forms, pivot tables, smart template libraries and BI & analytics dashboards​


Empower your teams, apps and analytics with

The free all-in-one remote collaboration, analytics, automation & apps embeddable decentralized no-code platform for Excel, Mobile 2.0, PWAs & Web 4.0.

​ is always free for unlimited users.

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Solutions & Uses is the free first all-in-one no-code/low-code remote collaboration, analytics, planning, automation, and mobile 2.0 apps platform.

It empowers anyone to auto-create, collaborate, sync, and share smart apps, dashboards, budgets, CRMs, assignments, connectors, KPIs, PowerChainDB realtime blockchain DBs, marketing bots, forms, and template libraries anywhere  —  in Excel, Microsoft Teams, PowerPoint, SharePoint, Power BI, Salesforce, online, offline, mobile, websites, and PWAs.

Power Sheet is free for unlimited users, decentralized, and embeddable anywhere with offline edit, auto data prep AI, child rows, hierarchies, enhanced Excel formulas, Python, JavaScript and SQL for GBs of data.

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