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Sign up now for early access to FREE Power Sheet platform.

​Always FREE for unlimited users. We also offer paid plans with additional features & storage.  Upgrade now for early access & limited-time discounts.

Empower Excel

  • Insert the Power Sheet platform into any Excel spreadsheet in 1-click as embedded smart content

  • Install-free, free, cross-platform use by whoever opens the spreadsheet on any device (PC, Mac, iPad, SharePoint, Web)

  • Use Python, SQL, JavaScript and Regular Expressions (Regex) for Excel formulas, calculated columns, macros & queries

  • Use Data Science libraries like TensorFlow ● Use any Web API ● Connect any data source

  • Embed any app (Quickbooks Online, Microsoft Teams, OneNote, your own) and rich content, videos, docs, PDFs, SharePoint, web pages into Excel

  • Smart field types like multi-select, date picker, tags, drop-down, sliders and more for Excel

  • Multiple automatic rich views for any spreadsheet (Dashboard, Gallery, App, Form)

  • Use with Power Query and hundreds of add-ins and connectors available for Excel

Auto-create, collaborate and analyze.

Plan, share and AI automate. FREE.

  • No-Code Apps (Web 3.0, in Excel, Mobile, Offline, PWA, Decentralized, Serverless)

  • Dashboards (BI & Analytics)

  • Rich Spreadsheets (Interactive, Secure, Collaborative & Online)

  • Realtime Databases (Blockchain, P2P Synced, IoT, Edge Computing & Cloud)

  • Connectors (Apps & Data)

  • Bots & RPA 

  • Smart Template Libraries

  • Empower Excel (Dashboards, Python, SQL, JavaScript, Regex, Web Embed/Connect)

Power Sheet Platform

Power Sheet is the first and only platform to fully utilize Web 3.0 technologies of modern browsers to allow you to easily & automatically create no-code & low-code apps, dashboards, databases and spreadsheets for real-time collaboration everywhere – online, offline, web, mobile, in Excel & PowerPoint and embedded anywhere.


The realtime blockchain database for Web 3.0.

  • Store, sync, share, version and collaborate on any kind of data, apps, NoSQL JSON, or content.

  • Embedded. Powering PWA DApps for no-code & low-code decentralized progressive web, mobile & offline apps.

  • Fast. Instant & offline access to GBs in milliseconds. Up to 615x faster vs. MongoDB.

  • Synced. Always up-to-date and conflict-free, even for offline or simultaneous edits. Direct P2P syncing.

  • Secure. Row & column-level access controls. Client-side encryption. SSO and built-in authentication.

  • Serverless. No setup, dependencies or install. All in <100kb of JavaScript.

  • Scalable. Up to 42 million times lower cost, faster & more compact vs. Ethereum or Bitcoin for GBs of changing data.

  • The first and only fast scalable, general-purpose embedded distributed database and enterprise blockchain.

  • Able to compact, cleanup old edits & deleted rows, to avoid infinitely growing in size.

  • SQL for JSON and NoSQL. Plus Python, Excel formulas, JavaScript for queries, connectors, web scraping.

Power Bot

End-to-end sales, marketing and LinkedIn automation

AI to find, prioritize, contact & assign leads for sales, recruiting, investment & social media marketing • built-in CRM • Excel • sync & connect any CRM, app or system • robotic process automation (RPA) • web scraping

Collaborate, embed and share.  Anywhere.

Online • In Excel • Mobile • PowerPoint • SharePoint • Microsoft Teams • Power BI • Offline • Embedded • Universal App Store • Browser Extensions

Universal Marketplace

for Apps, Templates, Bots, Data & Connectors

  • A free decentralized marketplace for your apps, bots, connectors and templates.

  • Publish, share with everyone, or your team and any.

  • Always instantly up-to-date and available in all other app & add-on stores.

  • Auto-published and updated in real-time everywhere.

  • Use any web app offline (no install).

  • Or 1-click instant Add to Home Screen / Start Menu install.

  • Auto-publish to Microsoft Store as Win 10 apps.