Create, collaborate, automate
– free & easier than spreadsheets

The free all-in-one remote collaboration, analytics & apps embeddable decentralized no-code platform for Excel, mobile 2.0, web 4.0 and PWAs.

​Always free for unlimited users.

All-in-one no-code collaboration, apps, automation and analytics platform

Dashboards & BI
Projects & tasks
Mobile & web apps
CRM & Timesheets
Budgets, forecasts & financial reports
Estimates & invoices
Compensation & calculation
Bots & RPA
Excel apps & connectors
Smart blocks & templates
Smart spreadsheets & lists
Blockchain DB & DApp
Marketing, LinkedIn & sales automation
The free no-code smart spreadsheet apps, analytics and realtime web 3.0 collaboration platform

Auto-create, embed, connect, automate, collaborate on apps, dashboards, lists, spreadsheets architecture & features diagram – the free all-in-one no-code remote collaboration, analytics & apps embeddable decentralized platform for Excel, Mobile 2.0 & Web 4.0

Building blocks and AI
– for apps and collaboration

Use, create and share smart blocks, templates, fields, views and connectors to easily create dynamic, tailored, interactive, tailored dashboards, interactive spreadsheets, dynamic reports, smart universal apps, shared template libraries and collaborative workspaces to empower teams & end-users.

Create, embed & publish everywhere

iOS, Android, web, offline, Mac, Windows, Microsoft Store
In Excel, Microsoft Teams, PowerPoint, Power BI, SharePoint
Online, offline, serverless, decentralized, on-premises

Empower teams.  Simplify Excel.  Auto dashboards, forms & reports everywhere

No setup, coding or install  —  No add-in install, coding, IT, accounts or server required.

Share online & auto-publish  —  as mobile, Web 3.0, offline, PWA apps

Top No-Code Platform  — Featured in CIO Magazine's Top 20 No-Code Platforms for 2020. #1 for app creation, remote collaboration & analytics. Developer featured on cover of Software 2.0 magazine.

Share in universal marketplace — for smart blocks, apps, templates, connectors, bots, functions, macros, data, content.

Create, embed & sync  —  in Excel, Microsoft Teams, PowerPoint, SharePoint, Power BI, apps, blocks, websites, everywhere.

Empower your teams, apps and analytics with

The free all-in-one remote collaboration, analytics & apps embeddable decentralized no-code platform for Excel, mobile 2.0, web 4.0 & PWAs.


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​ is always free for unlimited users.

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