Empowering the future of intelligent content creation, apps & computing

Collaborative creation, modeling, planning & analytics

PowerSheet.ai is the 1st universal platform & meta-marketplace for the future of intelligent content creation and web 4.0 (decentralized IoT edge) — empowering even end-users to AI generate & collaborate, model & hyperautomate, embed & sync, sell & share anywhere as building blocks & PWAs.

Instantly everywhere

Create, plan, model, sell & share AI generated and collaboratively created universal apps, models, dashboards, bots, connectors, template libraries and no-code/low-code smart spreadsheets.


Free for unlimited users

Truly self-service, empowering the future of work, apps, creation data & computing, as well as cross-organization & end-user collaboration.

No coding, add-ins or user licenses required.

All-in-one collaboration, analytics & no-code app creation

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PowerSheet.ai was featured the #1 No-Code/Low-Code Platform for 2020 in CIOReview magazine. Read the article here.

Awarded #1 for no-code/low-code creation & collaboration in magazines

Instantly everywhere

Auto-create, collaborate, sync and embed in Excel, Microsoft Teams, PowerPoint, mobile 2.0, web 4.0, offline, on-premises, decentralized, auto-created universal PWAs, Power BI, Salesforce, OneNote, Google Sheets, SharePoint, Microsoft Power Platform, Tableau, Outlook, OneNote, Dynamics, Zapier, app stores and any app or website.

Embed in Excel, docs, apps & anywhere in 1-click as 100kb of smart content.  No add-ins, setup or user licenses required.

Auto-publish to app stores, marketplaces. Share as smart install-free add-ins, universal connectors, and smart templates.

PowerSheet.ai in Microsoft Teams
PowerSheet.ai in Excel
Smart universal apps auto-created with PowerSheet.ai for PWA, mobile 2.0, web 4.0, offline, everywhere
PowerSheet.ai for Web, Offline, Mac, PC. AI generated dashboards, collaboration, app creation, collaborative smart spreadsheets
PowerSheet.ai for iPhone, Android, iPad, Mobile Devices
PowerSheet.ai in PowerPoint

Your tools, your way

Instantly connect & transform any tool or data
for remote work collaboration, automation AI

Empower any app, tool, workflow, spreadsheet, document or data with built-in tools for realtime decentralized collaboration & AI powered no-code automation.  Free for unlimited users.

Automatic migration. In-place instant enhancement. Incremental transition. Auto convert spreadsheets into smart secure interactive apps, databases, forms and dashboards, without every having to leave Excel.

Or incrementally transition away from Excel, with PowerSheet.ai and PowerChainDB embedded into your spreadsheets, with smart sync and merge, always conflict-free.

Use side-by-side with Power Query, Power Automate, Power BI, Power Apps, Microsoft Teams, Salesforce or other tools you're familiar with.

PowerSheet.ai integrations and data connectors for realtime remote work collaboration, embedding and auto creating & sharing no-code apps, smart spreadsheets, dashboards

Plus easy formulas & low-code to empower & automate.

Enhanced Excel formulas anywhere.

Low-code Python, SQL, JavaScript, Power Formulas, Power Query, Regex, JSON, data science libraries, web APIs.

Mix & match any of the above. Even within the same field formula, query, bot, extension, block or connector.

Use in Excel, web, mobile and everywhere for smart spreadsheets, dashboards, analytics, data science, apps & automation.

PowerSheet.ai workflow for auto creating no-code apps, smart spreadsheets, dashboards

The 1st universal marketplace

Smart blocks, templates, apps, connectors & data

Create and share smart universal content, apps, connectors, add-ins, bots, formulas, templates and data.

Auto-published to app stores, marketplaces and available in Excel & everywhere. Smart Content as a Service (SCaaS).

Always up-to-date, conflict-free & install-free.


The 1st web 4.0 database.  1st PWA database.  1st decentralized data warehouse

Sync, store, version & query GBs of any kind of data

The 1st database for web 4.0 & mobile 2.0, decentralized and embeddable realtime collaboration, analytics, databases, data warehouses and realtime blockchain DB.

Empower your apps, content, analytics, data science & collaboration

Empower low-code & automatic universal apps, realtime web 4.0 collaboration, decentralized PWAs, analytics, machine learning, data science, smart secure spreadsheets, decentralized data warehouses.

Embeddable anywhere

Embed anywhere into any app, Excel or PowerPoint file, smart content, connector, add-in, dashboard or PWA in just 100KB of JavaScript.

Embed the entire PowerSheet.ai platform or just its modular database core into your own apps and content.

Fast, secure, scalable, decentralized, offline-capable

615x faster than MongoDB with in-memory client-side queries & edits, incremental refresh with P2P sync, secure in-browser blockchain storage. 43 million times lower-cost vs Ethereum or Bitcoin for GBs of data. Always conflict-free, even for offline & simultaneous edits.

Row & field-level access controls. Easy to control via formulas, lookups and row & field-level sharing.

Simple, smart, flexible, collaborative, embeddable, decentralized, AI powered, conflict-free.

Your data, your way

Sync, query, store, version any kind of data, anywhere, any way.

SQL, Python, JavaScript, Regex, enhanced portable Excel formulas, fuzzy match, Power Query and Power Formula queries for any kind of data


Any kind of data

For JSON, NoSQL graph, IOT, Edge, spreadsheets, Excel, Access databases, CSV, web APIs, unstructured, CRM, ERP, financials and multi-dimensional.

Power Invest AI

Robinhood investing simplified.  Stocks, cryptocurrencies & beyond

Auto recommend. Auto buy & hold. Auto sell. Auto diversify.


AI tailored, optimized, diversified across stocks, bitcoin, cryptocurrency and more built on PowerSheet.ai.

1st platform for end-to-end intelligent social marketing & sales automation

Transforms every employee in your company or social account into an AI automated sales rep.


Simple shared inbox and easy-to-customize CRM and no-code automation built on PowerSheet.ai.


Decentralized, while keeping rest of employee accounts private and secure.

Automate social marketing & sales, recruiting, seeking investors & philanthropy and networking, with LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and beyond.