All-in-one collaboration, analytics and no-code app creation

Auto-create, plan, collaborate & organize.
Connect, template, visualize & automate
 — all in one free platform.
AI powered.  Web 3.0.  Decentralized.  Free.  Collaborative.  Easier than spreadsheets.
Free for remote teams, individuals, enterprises — mobile, web, in Excel, offline, Mac, Windows, on-premises, embedded anywhere.

Auto-create, collaborate and share.  Embed, connect and automate.

Dashboards & BI  •  Projects & tasks  •  Mobile apps  •  Lists  •  CRM  •  Budgets, forecasts & financial reports  •   Blockchain DB & DApp  •  Estimates & invoices  •  Compensation & calculation  •  Timesheets  •  Bots & RPA  •  Excel apps & connectors  •  Smart blocks & templates  •  Smart spreadsheets  •  Marketing, LinkedIn & sales automation
The free no-code smart spreadsheet apps, analytics and realtime web 3.0 collaboration platform

Remote work, app & BI dashboard creation, automation and Excel empowered.

Made smart, easy, interactive, connected, AI automated & collaborative for everyone.

No setup, coding or install  —  No add-in install, coding, IT, accounts or server required.

Share online & auto-publish — as mobile, Web 3.0, offline, PWA apps.

Share in universal marketplace — for smart blocks, apps, templates, connectors, bots, functions, macros, data, content.

Create, embed & sync  —  in Excel, Microsoft Teams, PowerPoint, SharePoint, Power BI, apps, blocks, websites, everywhere.

The all-in-one free collaboration, analytics and app creation platform

Power Sheet free all-in-one collaboration, analytics & no-code app creation platform

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