The free AI powered no-code platform for Web 3.0 & Excel

smart apps, analytics, planning, bots, blockchain DBs & remote collaboration

The free no-code smart spreadsheet apps, analytics and realtime web 3.0 collaboration platform

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AI generate and co-author.

Smart apps, spreadsheets, dashboards, blockchain databases, bots, forms, templates and connectors.

Empower and AI automate.

Business intelligence & reporting, planning & assignments, data science, marketing & sales, LinkedIn & recruiting, finance & budgets, presentations & visualizations and remote teams.

Remotely collaborate and share.

Online, mobile, offline, browser extensions and embedded.

Decentralized, serverless, cloud, local, on-premises and anywhere.

Embed.  In Excel and anywhere.  Install free.

In Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint, SharePoint, Microsoft Teams, Power BI, mobile apps and websites.
Real-time dynamic in-app editing & updates.  Auto web, mobile and Windows Store publishing.

Instant 1-click Add to Home Screen or Start Menu installs from website.

Real-time sync.  Offline edits.  GBs in milliseconds.

Always fast, secure, up-to-date, available, conflict-free, even for offline or simultaneous edits.

Fast, secure direct P2P sync, in-memory, in-browser file storage, with cloud fallback.
Access, sync, query and edit gigabytes of data in milliseconds.

Simplify. Decentralize.

No developers or coding needed. No IT setup or servers.

No user licenses, accounts, login or install.

Power Sheet Platform

Power Sheet is the first and only platform to fully utilize Web 3.0 technologies of modern browsers to allow you to easily & automatically create no-code & low-code apps, dashboards, databases and spreadsheets for real-time collaboration everywhere – online, offline, web, mobile, in Excel & PowerPoint and embedded anywhere.

Empower Excel

Auto-create, share, embed and collaborate on

  • No-Code Apps (Web 3.0, in Excel, Mobile, Offline, PWA, Decentralized, Serverless)

  • Dashboards (BI & Analytics)

  • Rich Spreadsheets (Interactive, Secure, Collaborative & Online)

  • Realtime Databases (Blockchain, P2P Synced, IoT, Edge Computing & Cloud)

  • Connectors (Apps & Data)

  • Bots & RPA 

  • Smart Template Libraries

  • Empower Excel (Dashboards, Python, SQL, JavaScript, Regex, Web Embed/Connect)

Empower Excel

  • Insert the Power Sheet platform into any Excel spreadsheet in 1-click as embedded smart content

  • Install-free, free, cross-platform use by whoever opens the spreadsheet on any device (PC, Mac, iPad, SharePoint, Web)

  • Use Python, SQL, JavaScript and Regular Expressions (Regex) for Excel formulas, calculated columns, macros & queries

  • Use Data Science libraries like TensorFlow ● Use any Web API ● Connect any data source

  • Embed any app (Quickbooks Online, Microsoft Teams, OneNote, your own) and rich content, videos, docs, PDFs, SharePoint, web pages into Excel

  • Smart field types like multi-select, date picker, tags, drop-down, sliders and more for Excel

  • Multiple automatic rich views for any spreadsheet (Dashboard, Gallery, App, Form)

  • Use with Power Query and hundreds of add-ins and connectors available for Excel


The realtime blockchain database for Web 3.0.

  • Store, sync, share, version and collaborate on any kind of data, apps, NoSQL JSON, or content.

  • Embedded. Powering PWA DApps for no-code & low-code decentralized progressive web, mobile & offline apps.

  • Fast. Instant & offline access to GBs in milliseconds. Up to 615x faster vs. MongoDB.

  • Synced. Always up-to-date and conflict-free, even for offline or simultaneous edits. Direct P2P syncing.

  • Secure. Row & column-level access controls. Client-side encryption. SSO and built-in authentication.

  • Serverless. No setup, dependencies or install. All in <100kb of JavaScript.

  • Scalable. Up to 42 million times lower cost, faster & more compact vs. Ethereum or Bitcoin for GBs of changing data.

  • The first and only fast scalable, general-purpose embedded distributed database and enterprise blockchain.

  • Able to compact, cleanup old edits & deleted rows, to avoid infinitely growing in size.

  • SQL for JSON and NoSQL. Plus Python, Excel formulas, JavaScript for queries, connectors, web scraping.

Power Bot

End-to-end sales, marketing and LinkedIn automation

AI to find, prioritize, contact & assign leads for sales, recruiting, investment & social media marketing • built-in CRM • Excel • sync & connect any CRM, app or system • robotic process automation (RPA) • web scraping

Collaborate, embed and share.  Anywhere.

Online • In Excel • Mobile • PowerPoint • SharePoint • Microsoft Teams • Power BI • Offline • Embedded • Universal App Store • Browser Extensions

Universal Marketplace

for Apps, Templates, Bots, Data & Connectors

  • A free decentralized marketplace for your apps, bots, connectors and templates.

  • Publish, share with everyone, or your team and any.

  • Always instantly up-to-date and available in all other app & add-on stores.

  • Auto-published and updated in real-time everywhere.

  • Use any web app offline (no install).

  • Or 1-click instant Add to Home Screen / Start Menu install.

  • Auto-publish to Microsoft Store as Win 10 apps.

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​Always FREE for unlimited users. We also offer paid plans with additional features & storage.  Upgrade now for early access & limited-time discounts.


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