Co-create the future in real-time. Web 4.0

All-in-one collaboration, analytics & no-code app creation

AI powered real-time collaborative — no-code • low-code • plain English formulas

  • Modeling & planning

  • Data science & hyper-automation

1st embeddable co-creation platform & marketplace for Web 4.0 Intelligent Content — auto apps, sheets, smart templates.


AI generated & embedded in/from existing docs & tools.  Only possible powered by our PowerChainDB.

PowerSheet.ai was featured the #1 No-Code/Low-Code Platform for 2020 in CIOReview magazine. Read the article here.

Awarded #1 in tech magazines for
no-code/low-code collaborative creation

With community of 90,000 teams, individuals & Fortune 500s

Free for unlimited users. Embeddable.
Empowering even end-users

AI generate • embed & sync • share & sell — in/from existing docs & tools (or standalone)

  • Intelligent sheets • lists • boards • power tables

  • Automatic apps • forms • dashboards • forecasts

  • Smart templates • building blocks • libraries (functions, formulas & more) • connectors

Blurring the line between apps & intelligent content.

PowerSheet.ai workflow for auto creating no-code apps, smart spreadsheets, dashboards

Instantly everywhere

With the 1st embeddable decentralized smart content marketplace

  • Excel • Google Sheets • PowerPoint • SharePoint • Office 365

  • Microsoft Teams • Slack • Zoom • Salesforce • Power Platform

  • Standalone — web • mobile • offline • decentralized • auto-published (to app/extension stores)

  • On-the-fly AI generated — apps • forms • tables • dashboards — from any source/API • even Excel formulas (vs just data) • Python / SQL / formulas (auto-converted to JavaScript/PWAs)

Embed in your existing spreadsheets, docs & tools in 1-click.

No add-ins, setup or user licenses required. Just 100KB of smart content.

Auto-publish to app stores, marketplaces. Share your app, connector, blocks, templates as install-free embedded content and universal add-ins.

PowerSheet.ai integrations and data connectors for realtime remote work collaboration, embedding and auto creating & sharing no-code apps, smart spreadsheets, dashboards

Co-create & AI generate. Model & plan. Template & hyper-automate. Share & sell. Instantly everywhere

PowerSheet.ai in Microsoft Teams
PowerSheet.ai in Excel
Smart universal apps auto-created with PowerSheet.ai for PWA, mobile 2.0, web 4.0, offline, everywhere
PowerSheet.ai for Web, Offline, Mac, PC. AI generated dashboards, collaboration, app creation, collaborative smart spreadsheets
PowerSheet.ai for iPhone, Android, iPad, Mobile Devices
PowerSheet.ai in PowerPoint

Only possible powered by our PowerChainDB

Easily sharablefree for unlimited users (vs restrictive per-viewer licensing in most no/low-code platforms) • embeddable (to instantly enhance/convert existing workflows with no IT migration needed) • built for the “future of web & mobile” (Web 4.0 PWAs) • always conflict-free sync & collaboration — all only possible powered by our PowerChainDB.

  • Uniquely scalable (99.7% less bandwidth & cloud costs) • fast (615x MongoDB • in-memory client-side queries) • available (even offline) • sustainable (75% less energy use) • optimized (for 5G • VPN hybrid workIoT • the next billion internet users)

  • 1st Progressive Web App (PWA) DB — offline-capable • web embeddable

  • 1st Web 4.0real-time blockchain DB (web 3.0) + offline-capable PWA + fast scalable IoT edge computing + always conflict-free P2P sync & collaboration — embeddable decentralized data warehouse & computing platform

Auto-create. Blurring the line between apps & intelligent content

Auto Universal Apps
(Web 4.0, Mobile, Offline, PWA)

Auto Dashboards,
Forms & Dynamic Views

Low-Code Data Science,
Auto Data Prep & Labeling

Smart Spreadsheets,
Lists & Boards

Smart Templates, Building Blocks, Embed & Sync

No-Code Data Warehouses
(Decentralized, Edge, Embeddable)

Collaborative Planning, Budgeting & Forecasting

CRM, Intelligent Marketing & Sales Automation AI

Real-time Blockchain DB
(Embedded, P2P Sync, Offline, TB+)

Collaborative Modeling & "Plain English" Power Formulas

Workflows &

Universal Connectors,
Add-ins & Web Extensions